Going from a career in orthodontics to making her homemade pimento cheese, Dr. Cheryl Mitchell Barnett loves bringing a smile to your face. So, say cheese—and enjoy her delicious gourmet pimento cheese spread!


At MyThreeSons Gourmet, every bite of our gourmet pimento cheese is a nostalgic homemade treat, one I’ve been perfecting for many years. That’s why we make our cheese dips using only the best ingredients, with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

In my experience, pimento cheese was never something you’d buy in the store. Growing up in the South, I learned about rich, homemade pimento cheese from my best friend’s mother, Emmy. I was addicted. By the time I left for dental school, I had already crafted my own recipe, inspired by Emmy’s “pinch of this, pinch of that” philosophy.

Throughout my 14 years as an orthodontist, I made countless bowls of pimento cheese for friends and family. My hobby even earned me the nickname “the Cheese Lady.” But when a serious back injury forced me into early retirement, I had to reinvent myself… I love a challenge! At that point, my little hobby started looking like a potential new career. My family and friends, especially my three sons, supported me one hundred percent—and that’s how MyThreeSons Gourmet was born.

The first time Emmy got to taste my recipe, light on mayo and heavy on extra sharp cheddar cheese, she gave it her “Emmy Seal of Approval.” Delighted, I named it “Emmy’s Original” to honor the woman who started it all. Since 2010, we’ve been bringing real homemade-style pimento cheese to market shelves, including two additional flavors—Fiery Jalapeño and Spicy White Cheddar!

So whether I’m an orthodontist or the cheese lady, I love bringing a smile to your face! Try MyThreeSons Gourmet today for a real taste of home.

Cheryl Barnett   Owner / Founder of MyThreeSons Gourmet

Cheryl Barnett Owner / Founder of MyThreeSons Gourmet

Dr. Cheryl Mitchell Barnett


“This cheese reminds
me of my mother’s!”
- Linda M.