Whether you are looking for an appetizer, side dish, or entree, we have some delicious options for you to try!


It's an appetizer!

  • Place on French rounds, top with a slice of tomato, bake, then add fresh basil

  • Serve with your favorite crackers, toasted flatbread or tortilla chips

  • Serve with fruit or vegetables, especially good with apples and celery

  • Place a dollop in Tostitos Scoops and microwave or bake. You can also add bite-size grilled chicken and top with jalapeño

  • Serve between fried green tomatoes drizzled with red pepper sauce for an elegant appetizer

  • Make mini sandwiches with Parker House rolls; another option is to add bacon or tomato

  • Makes delicious nachos

It's a condiment!

  • Spread it on your favorite wrap sandwich or green salad

  • Add it to your next hamburger or roast beef sandwich

  • Add it to your favorite macaroni and cheese

  • Serve on top of grilled steak or chicken

  • Try it on chili, lasagna or spaghetti

  • Add it to a breakfast burrito

  • Great on baked potatoes

It's a main meal!

  • Pimento cheese, tomato and bacon sandwich, cold or grilled

  • Spread on bread, add bacon, toast… a delicious breakfast cheese toast

  • Serve as a classic pimento cheese sandwich

  • Great on English muffins for breakfast

  • Try it as a grilled cheese sandwich

And now for the recipes!

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